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By foglepump39987426, Jun 15 2018 06:26PM

Fogle Pump and Supply would like to CONGRATULATE Rebecca Aubert Jessee, who has just Gradguated from the Colville Center of Spokane Community College on June 14th 2018. Becca earned her Associate in Applied Science Degree in Accounting Assistant. Becca Joined Fogle Pump in December of 2014 in our Accounts Payable department, and then started College while being a wife and Mother of two, and working full time. We are all very proud of her accomplishment and look forward to her putting her new Degree to work for us. This is a picture of Becca and some of her Colville Branch Fogle Pump employees who attended to cheer her on and congratulate Her.

By foglepump39987426, Jun 11 2018 08:34PM


New Location in Wenatchee, Wa. for Fogle Pump and Supply Inc. Fogle Pump and Supply is expanding their already 3 branches, Colville, Spokane and Republic to open up a New location in Wenatchee. Although Fogle Pump has Drilled Wells in the Wenatchee, Cashmere, Levenworth Area for years out of our Republic Branch, but now will have a local location and Representative Rick Browning who is a lifetime local resident, an experianced Well and Pump Technition in Charge of our Wenatchee location. To Contact Rick at Fogle Pump, Wenatchee call 509-860-7177 or 509-782-5071 for all of your Well Drilling and Pump System needs.

By foglepump39987426, Jun 6 2018 11:58PM

Colville, Stevens

Installing a Geothermal System? 4 FAQ Answers You Should Know, Colville, Washington

Homeowners who rely on a well pump often have a hard time finding an efficient way to heat their water up. A geothermal system has quickly become the answer for many people across the country, as it allows for natural heating, cost-efficiency, and a minimal impact on the environment. If your home uses well water and you’re looking for a quick, safe, and effective way to introduce heat, it’s time to familiarize yourself with this cutting-edge technology.

4 FAQs About Geothermal Systems

How Do They Work?

A geothermal system utilizes renewable energy from below the ground to provide heat for a home’s water system. A few feet below the earth’s surface, the temperature remains at about 45° to 50° year round.

The geothermal pump works differently to absorb heat and deliver it to the home in the winter and summer seasons. During the winter, technicians administer a fluid that moves through a below-ground pipe system and absorbs heat from the earth before delivering it into the home. In the summer, the process is reversed, and the pump pulls heat from the house and funnels it through the pipes and into the water supply to warm it up before circulating it back into the property.

How Do They Protect the Environment?

geothermal systemGeothermal pumps are renowned for being eco-friendly. The U.S. Department of Energy Office of Geothermal Technologies says 40% of all carbon dioxide emissions are a result of using energy to heat, cool, and provide hot water for residential and commercial buildings. Geothermal pumps combat this statistic by using naturally occurring energy to provide heat for homes with wells and removing existing heat during the summer, essentially creating free hot water.

Will One Work in My Home?

The beauty of this type of heating system is it works anywhere in the country. Because the temperature below the earth is consistent from coast to coast, the energy is always available and can be used for heating purposes anywhere you live.

How Much Will It Cost?

If cost-savings are a priority, a geothermal pump is the right choice. While the initial installation might be expensive, you will be using naturally occurring heat from the earth, allowing the system to pay for itself over time.

Are you looking for a way to make your water system more efficient in Colville, WA? Fogle Pump & Supply has been the area’s leader in geothermal system technology for more than 36 years. These water well specialists provide installations, maintenance, and repairs while incorporating the latest innovations. For more information, go online or call them today at (509) 244-0846.

By foglepump39987426, Jun 6 2018 11:50PM

Water treatment Sales, Service, Installations; Must be self-motivated; good with customers; experience preferred, but not required, training available; Hiring both in the Spokane and Wenatchee areas; competitive wage and benefit package; contact Darren or Dave P. at 509-684-2569 visit us at

By foglepump39987426, May 18 2018 11:32PM

Uranium in your Water? May 18, 2018

Colville, Stevens

Uranium in your Water?, Colville, Washington

Its no secret that N.E. Washington has moderate to high levels of uranium in its ground water depending on your location and the type of rock your well was drilled in. Fogle Pump & Supply has monitored the results of hundreds of uranium water tests and are very familiar with how to remove it from your water. The E.P.A. has set a limit of 30 Mpl that your levels cant exceed. Exposure to uranium raises the risk of kidney damage and cancer. Because it is colorless and oderless making it impossible to know if it is in your water except to have it tested by a WA. State certified lab. Fogle pump handles those tests for $40 and take 7-10 days to get your results back. If you need to remove the uranium from your water there are several options availabe. One is a reverse osmossis drinking water system or an ion exchange whole house system. Let your “water Proffesionals” at Fogle pump show you your best option for removing contaminants like uranium, arsinic, nitrates, and lead.

Uranium in your Water?
Uranium in your Water?

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