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Well drilling Well drilling

Commercial or irrigation wells

Any well that is drilled for the purpose of irrigating land in excess of one half acre will require a water right permit from the Department of Ecology. Any well that has a diameter of 12 inches or larger will also be required to have a water right permit. The size of the well is dictated by a couple of factors:


1). How much water is to be withdrawn. This will determine what size of pump will be required to move the amount of water desired.


2). Drilling conditions that are anticipated. This will determine what size the well has to start out at to ensure that there is an adequate well size to accommodate the pump needed to divert the water required. There are also issues involved with metering the water output and county and state health department setback rules that need to be addressed.


If you are interested in having an irrigation or commercial well drilled, please call us for more information. We have been in this business since 1981 and have drilled hundreds of irrigation and commercial wells.


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