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Pump system installation

Frequently asked questions about pump systems

How do I get water to my house?


Once the well is completed, a Fogle Pump representative will call and schedule in on site meeting to measure distances, check elevations and design the system that best fits your needs. A four foot deep ditch will be required to lay the water line to the pressure tank location and/or the house or any frost-free hydrants. The same ditch can be utilized for the electrical line. At the time of installing the submersible pump, the pitiless adapter will be installed. This adapter allows the water line to be connected through the casing to the pipe in the well. This way the water line runs underground below the frost line, which prevents frozen pipes in the winter.


How do I know if I need a pump house?


A pump house is completely up to the landowner. If there is room in the home, then the pressure tank and water conditioning equipment is better off in a clean, warm and dry environment. If not, then a pump house can be constructed next to the well site. A pump house is a good idea if water is required on site for building purposes or recreational uses. The main disadvantage of a pump house is heating it during the cold weather conditions. Another new option is installing an “In-Well” pressure tank. These stainless steel tanks are only 5 inches in diameter and 6 feet long. They hang below the pitiless adapter, replacing the need for a pump house.


What kind of pump do I need?


The most popular is a four-inch submersible pump that is set 10-20 feet off of the bottom of the well and is sized according to depth and gallons per minute. The submersible is the most efficient and provides more volume and pressure than the jet style pump.


How long will it take to install my pump system?


Most systems are installed in 2 or 3 phases involving 3 to 5 hours per phase. This is usually when property is being developed and the building process only allows certain phases to be completed step by step. Some systems can be excavated, installed, backfilled and running in one day depending on permits and inspections.


How do I maintain my pump system?


If the system is designed and installed correctly; maintenance is very minimum other than occasionally checking the pressure in the tank and on the system gauge. Preventative maintenance in the winter from freezing is a priority. System maintenance programs are offered through Fogle’s service department to take care of the system.


Should I get my water tested?


Yes, water should always be tested for portability. Local, county and state agencies all require different tests in different areas for building and septic permits. Also banks may require a potabilty test for loans. Bacteria, Nitrate, Lead and Arsenic tests are typically the minimum requirements in this area. Water should also be tested for minerals and hardness to protect pipes and appliances from premature failure.






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