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Installing brand new pump systems

Once your well is drilled, your next step will be to get a pump into your new well. We want you to be able to see, feel and taste your well water. Our Pump Department managers will help you to determine and plan the best system for you. We will first need to know your plans for the property. Are you building a new home? Is it a vacation or RV property only? Do you need water for your livestock? Let us help you through the steps of getting your water running out of your faucet.


We will need to know things like; what is the distance from the well to the house? Are there any elevation changes between the well and the house? How many frost free hydrants do you need and where do you want to put them? Do you need a pump test and water samples first? Our professionals will assist you with all of these questions, and help you decide on the proper pump system for your needs.


In today's market there are a lot of new products. Constant pressure pumps and variable speed pumps are both newer types of systems offered today. Depending on your choice of pumps it will determine the size of pressure tank needed.


If this all seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Fogle Pump and Supply, Inc. installed over 1000 new pumps every year. We have installed everything from the largest 1200 GPM Irrigation pumps, solar powered pump systems, and large centrifugal pumps, down to the smallest 1/16 HP pumps for water distillers.


No job is too large or small for our Pump Department. We always give a written estimate and most pump systems require an on-site planning visit with the land owner. Both of these are free. Call us today to get that water pumping out of your well!

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