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Certified water testing

Although Fogle Pump will analyze your water free for minerals such as hardness, iron, manganese, PH, hydrogen sulfide and turbidity, most real estate sales will require at a minimum, bacteria (potable water) and possibly lead, nitrate and arsenic tests to be run by a Washington State certified lab.  


Also, each county in Eastern Washington has their own requirements to be met prior to them issuing a building permit.  For instance, Stevens County requires a water well report (well log) that shows a minimum air test of 1 gallon per minute or a pump test that shows a minimum of .55 gallons per minute along with a bacteria, nitrate, lead and arsenic test and a copy of a pump test if one has been done.


Below you will see the county requirements needed for building permits to be issued in most of Washington State eastern counties.

Meeting all county requirements

Spokane County


Requires 1 GPM for a Four hour period starting after stabilization has occurred and requires Bacteria and Nitrate analysis.


Lincoln County


Requires proof for water from the well report only. No water analysis required.


Pend Oreille County


Requires proof for water from the water well report and Bacteria, Nitrate, Lead, and Arsenic water analysis.


Stevens County


Requires proof for 1 GPM from the water well report and Bacteria, Nitrate, Lead, Uranium, and Arsenic water analysis or .55 GPM pump test at suction.


Ferry County


Requires ½ gal/min well log, Lead Arsenic, Nitrate and Bacteria


Okanogan County


Requires well log 2 hr. flow test at ¼ GPM, Bacteria and Nitrates.


Grant County


Requires well log 4 hr. flow test at .37, Bacteria and Nitrates.


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