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Drilling a new well?

When considering drilling a well one may feel overwhelmed. Although this may seem like a complicated process, it is our job to make sure that your project goes as smooth as possible. We understand drilling a new well is an expensive, often stressful investment and for that reason Fogle Pump should be your first choice.


We have been drilling in Eastern Washington and the Idaho Panhandle since 1981. We have the knowledge, the personnel and top of the line equipment to not only drill your well, but to plumb water to your house and install a water treatment system.


We can do it all! Whether you are drilling a domestic, irrigation, commercial, or municipal well, we are the best around, and we can prove it. Our customer satisfaction rating is 99%!


Most pieces of property dictate where you can and cannot drill. For example there are distance restrictions from right of ways, power lines, underground utilities, septic systems, known landfills, and property lines. Once all of these are examined one should consider accessibility for the drill rig and future access for any possible problems.


Once all of these potential problems have been examined and eliminated, we can recommend a site based on our knowledge of the area, neighboring wells and the geography of the land. Please call us for more information or to schedule a free on-site visit.


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